Benzac AC Gel (Benzoyl Peroxide) - 100mg/g (50g Tube)

Benzac AC


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Benzac, Benzac AC Gel 10% (Benzamycin) treat acne vulgaris (pimples)

Merknaam : Benzac AC
Fabrikant : Galderma Ltd.
Country of Origin : France
Intended Patient : Unisex

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Benzac AC Gel 10% 50g Benzac AC Gel (Benzoyl Peroxide) - 100mg/g (50g Tube)
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Benzac AC Gel 10% (Benzamycin) 50g

Main Use Active Integredient Marketed Name
Acne Benzamycin Benzac

How does Benzamycin work?

Benzamycin breaks down and removes the dead cells on the skin surface. It also kills bacteria on the skin.

The removal of cells from the top layer of skin unblocks the sebaceous glands (glands which secrete sebum), which become blocked in acne. This reduces inflamation of the gland as the sebum can then escape.

Bacteria on the skin feed on sebum and produce waste products which further inflame the sebaceous glands, causing acne. Benzamycin reduces their numbers by reducing their food source (sebum) and by directly killing them.

Benzac is a member of the macrolide family of antibiotics. It interferes with the production of proteins that bacteria need to multiply and divide. This inhibits the ability of the bacteria to grow (i.e. it has a bacteriostatic action). By controlling bacterial numbers, the action of the Benzamycin is reinforced.

What is Benzamycin used for?

  • Acne

Benzamycin Side Effects

  • Dry skin
  • Stinging and redness
  • Skin irritation
  • Itchy rash

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